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Engineering and Design by Dike-O-Seal

Design engineers are constantly seeking new products or components which have to be efficient, reliable and economical as well as practical from a manufacturing standpoint.

Dike-O-Seal Corporation has the knowledge and experience to assist engineers design with polyurethane elastomers. Urethane combines many of the advantages of rigid plastics, metals and ceramics. It can be formulated to provide a variety of product forms with a wide range of physical properties.

Particularly notable is its abrasion resistance, range of hardness, and load-bearing capacity. In addition, products made from ADIPRENE offer high impact resistance, elasticity and resistance to oils, chemicals, ozone and radiation. No other type of material can approach ADIPRENE in these properties.

Dike-O-Seal engineers take full advantage of the exceptional properties of Uniroyal's ADIPRENE urethane to fill a host of needs for products that offer improved performance, greater durability, and reduced maintenance. Rolls, flask liners, pouring basins and seals, gaskets, bushings, pump impellers, oil-free and lubricated bearings, impact and wear pads are only a few of the products supplied by Dike-O-Seal.

Dike-O-Seal is ready to serve you. We have the latest and finest production equipment consisting of polyurethane mixing and dispensing machinery, electronic curing ovens and grinding facilities. Our operators are highly skilled personnel trained to manufacture consistent, high quality products. Consult Dike-O-Seal for expert assistance. We are always ready to work with you on the routine as well as the exotic designs.

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