Pouring Basins, Basin Liners, Squeeze Board Stopoffs and Sprue Pins

The above items when cast in "ABRA-SHUN" polyurethane have a flexibility not found in hard rock maple or metal basin of similar design. This flexibility lends itself to saving patterns from slight misalignment. "ABRA-SHUN" is a very forgiving material. It makes a nice clean image and the sand does not stick to it; no scabbing.



Runner Bars

"ABRA-SHUN" runner bars have the filet cast in the profile, eliminating the need for applying on new work and replacing on maintenance. When squeezed, the channel image is smooth, lending itself to good metal flow with no wood grain to leak out.

Flask Liners

Flasks lined with "ABRA-SHUN" are a maintenance department cost saver. Aside from the natural long wear life, when accidents happen, simply recast the liner as opposed to expensive brazing, welding, grinding, and additional machining.

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